Monday 12 December 2011

She's dancing...

She's feeling better!!  Yay!  :D

And today, the outfit of choice was her sister's old size 6 dance outfit.

Makes practicing her "dance" more fun.  ;)

(Excuse the crappy flash.  Although it looks bright in my house, there's a lack of windows... the kitchen is behind her, with two south facing windows.  That's it for the main house.)

Doesn't she have those moves like Jagger?  XD

(It kills me that the dog is sitting there.  XD  I think it's because the other kids were upstairs playing at the time...)

Once she was done practicing, she needed a snack.  And helped herself to a "pickle".

She'll eat an entire cucumber herself.

I'm so glad she's feeling better.

Even when she steals the cucumber.  ;)



  1. That last pic is soooo adorable! (and every kid needs to have some "crappy flash" pics of their childhood... flash away Momma!)

  2. Hooray for dancing! I could eat a few cucumbers all by myself too... yum.

  3. The dog was well away from those kickin' feet!

  4. "I eat the pickle!" I'll never forget the story of Baby Hannah getting up on a chair and helping herself to a pickle. Wasn't she only 18 months old at the time? I guess she likes cucumbers in all forms.

    So happy she's dancing.

    And I think the flash pics are retro. They're cool. Snap away!

  5. Nooooooooooooo she doesn't have the moves like Jagger! NOooooOOOooooOOOO

  6. Oh my goodness Adeena! Love these!!! Especially that one with the smile & she's touching her teeth. She looks like she just thought of something that she might get in trouble for- but it would be totally worth it :) hehehe

  7. She is adorable! I love when little kids dance.


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