Sunday 11 December 2011

Project 365 - Week 49

Another week has flown by!

I'm considering whether or not I'm going to do another Project 365 next year.  It's mostly been a good experience... and I love looking back over this year and seeing the change in my photography, but I kinda feel like I need a break.  We'll see.  Still have a few days to decide.  :D


337: Photo shoot with my chunky monkey nephew!  :D

338:  Fun with my Christmas tree.

339:  Needed a picture for Grandma.. and it was a cloudy, dark day.  I hate popup flash.  A speedlite is on my wishlist.  ;)

340:  Today was my mom's birthday, and she got a camera from my uncle.  Her face is priceless.  :D  It was also the day that Becky performed the solo she learned in *July*.  And she remembered it, and did a fantastic job!!  I was so proud of her.

341:  View out my kitchen window.

342:  Sick baby girl on my lap.

343:  Jeff was called back to the mine!  :D  YAY!

And that's how it's been around the creek this week.  In case you're curious, Hannah is feeling much better!  I think she's finally kicked that stomach bug.  Woot!

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  1. Great shots. I love the first two. The Christmas tree shot is so neat. I want to do that. Glad Hannah is feeling better. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Love these - the tree and the snuggly little one are standouts.

  3. First.... loooooove the new blog look! Oh, the blue is so soothing! LOVE the pics of your super cuties across the screen! So pretty!! :-)

    And I was unable to concentrate on any other pictures in your collage because the yummy baby in the first shot turned my into a pile of goo right here in my chair. He is delish!!!!!! **squeal**

    OK, but I did see something about hubby going back to the mine?! WOW...has it been that LONG??!


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