Saturday 17 December 2011

Project 365 - Week 50

Can you believe there's only two weeks left in 2011??  Wow!

Are you ready for Christmas?  All I have left is wrapping.  Woot!  :D

Here's this week's round-up:


344:  Jeff and his November birthday buddy!  :D

345:  She stole an English cucumber off the counter... and ate it.  It was almost a whole one.

346:  Some fun with Christmas bokeh.  :D

347:  Becky put her cheerleader ribbon in Hannah's hair.  It was so big, and looked to adorable!  :D

348:  Me: "Let me take your picture."  Michael:  "Okay."  After two shots.. "Can I go back to watching Planet Sheen now??"  He's a great model... as long as it's not tv time.  ;)

349:  This means WAR!  (Transformer chess=awesome.  ;)

350:  We picked up another baby Jersey bull calf.  Three day old Amos is HUGE!  The same size as Sir Loin, who's three weeks old!

I haven't had time to post to both blogs this week, so if you'd like to see a few more pics, head over to my 365 blog:

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  1. Ha! Love 349. Go Adeena, almost all the way to 365, YAY!

    I'm gonna do a poject 52 next year, all selfies. I thought about making it a 365, but pretty sure I'd literally want to shoot myself by February.

  2. Such pretty light in all of these! Beautiful collage.

  3. Such awesome photos. Love them all. Especially 349.

  4. I love the transformer chess shot. It is so cute!


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