Thursday 1 September 2011

Before and After

Jeff and I went to Goderich last night for the first time since the tornado.

I wasn’t looking forward to going… I’ve lived in/near Goderich since 1994… but since my aunt and uncle live in Goderich, I’ve known the area my entire life.

As we pulled into town, where Wal-Mart is, nothing looked different.  We headed for the five-points… and soon noticed that all the trees were gone.  The street looked completely different.  It was a very odd experience.

There are houses with no roof, no walls, no upstairs.

No one is allowed on the Square.

We drove up by the library, up by Coffee Culture.  Parked by the big fences blocking off the road.  You can see completely across the Square.  All the huge, gorgeous trees are gone.  It was totally odd.

I took a picture as we were leaving, heading back to Wal-Mart.  I snagged the same area off Google Maps.


Before and After.  Same spot.

The salt mine is being repaired slowly.  We’re hopeful that Jeff is able to go back to work before the snow hits, and we’re very thankful he’s picked up a labouring job for a construction company in the meantime.



  1. So sad.

    But happy that there's hope for the mine re-opening.

  2. Glad that Jeff has work while you wait. I am sure Goderich holds a dear spot in your is sad.

  3. I can't even imagine the devastation. WOW.

  4. Oh thank GOODNESS your husband found work in the meantime! I have been thinking about you guys...even told Doron the story the other day. I don't want to say your comparison pics are really cool (don't mean it that way)...but I'll say VERY interesting! That's just incredible.


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