Thursday 21 April 2011

Shoot and Edit–Week 15 Edit

Today was my father in law's funeral.  It's been an emotional day.

I needed a break, and editing my pics provided the perfect distraction.  :)

Here they are:

For this one, I followed along with Ashley’s tutorial.  I wanted to try some selective colouring just for fun.  Smile


Next, just a regular clean edit.  Added the sepia photo filter.


And lastly, clean edit + sepia photo filter + Kim Klassen’s “Warm Sun” texture.


I erased the texture off of all the little things from the eggs.  I think this one is my favourite.

Check out other edits at Ashley’sSmile



  1. I love your texture edit - that's probably my favorite but I think the selective color also works.

  2. I like how you can still really tell what is in the eggs in the texture edit, but the selective color is very well done, also. Nice job!

    May you feel peace and comfort during this time.

  3. Oh goodness Adeena, I didn't realize about your father in law. I'm so sorry! I hope you guys are doing will be in my prayers this evening.

    LOVE the resurrection eggs, and will definitely google to see what they're all about. Looks adorable!

    Hugs to you, friend!!!


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