Saturday 23 April 2011

Project 365–Week 16

It’s been a difficult week around the creek.  My father in law passed away on Monday, and will be missed very much.

So, here’s what I captured this week:


106:  Pause in the rainfall…

107:  Robin hunkering down against the incoming snow storm… we did get quite a bit of snow, but at least it melted again very quickly.  Smile

108:  My three youngest.  I heart them.  Smile

109:  New meat chicks.  This one kills me… how cozy is that?!?  Could he BE any closer to the heater??  Winking smile

110:  I did not take a picture on this day.  This was the day of my fil Jack’s wake/visitation.  Instead, I’m using my favourite picture of him, from March or April 1996.

111:  I know, my babies again.  But, their daddy was playing peek-a-boo with the blanket, and the giggles and standing up hair were too funny.  Smile

112:  We brought home some of the flowers from Jack’s funeral… and now Trixie has a new hiding spot in the window.

So, there’s your glimpse into life by the creek this week.

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  1. The chicks are so cute and what a sweet photo of your three little ones!

  2. So sorry to hear about your FIL.... tough week indeed. You still caught some great moments. Love the hiding kitty :D

  3. The chicks are so cute. So sorry about your FIL.

  4. great pictures. love the one of your little ones

  5. Your three babies are adorable. Love the cat shot too.
    So sorry about your loss.

  6. I love the ones of the kids but also love 106. Great photos this week. Thanks for linking up. Have a great Easter.

  7. Your kids are adorable. Sorry for your family's loss, too.


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