Wednesday 27 October 2010

More from the playground

I've been waiting and waiting for a video of Hannah on the slide to upload to YouTube.

It's still not working.  :/

Sometimes I want to throw our JVC camcorder out the window!!  I didn't know that .MOD videos are such a pain in the rear.  Seriously, don't buy one.  I have such a hard time doing anything with them!!

On to the pictures instead.  :)

Hannah was quite happy to "rawr" at me when she was up high.  :)


Climbing up the stairs!


Down they go!

The beautiful sunset.


If YouTube ever decides to accept the video, I'll put it on, too.  :)


Here it is!!  :D  I changed the tag from .MOD to .MOV, and it finally uploaded.



  1. I love what you did with the RawrTM picture! It is awesome!
    Our video camera never gets used anymore, we just use the phones. It's easier. I think we have a JVC as well - it's a hard drive one? Was nice to have for a while, now it sits. boo.

  2. I love her "Rawr" face! So cute! XD

  3. Ha ha! Love her Rawr face. She is so cute!

  4. BAD BABY!!!! She sure learns bad habits FAST. She was so determined!!

    Reminds me of her mother at that age.

  5. Oh man, you can totally see her personality shining through - I love it! And I just love babies with their older brothers. Makes me a bit weepy. :-)

  6. ***laughing***

    She's so brave!! Little Hannah has spunk!


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