Thursday 28 October 2010

You Capture - Autumn

This week's You Capture challenge was autumn.

I don't know about you, but we've been having some crappy weather lately.  Lots of (crazy!!) wind, rain, etc.  Not so great for taking pictures.


I did get a few during the rare sunny breaks that happened.

This was yesterday.  Was it ever windy!!  Blew most of the leaves off the lawn... and stuck them to the fence.


The corner of the fence.  Yay for not having to rake!  :D


There was a massive storm cloud overhead... but clearing just as the sun was setting.  There was a lot of noise in this picture that I tried to smooth out... so it looks kinda funky.  :/  Remember I'm working with a Kodak P&S.  ;)  I'm still putting it in 'cause it was cool!


The lighthouse.  I was standing on the beach below.


I love this pic.  My hubby and my baby girl waiting patiently for me to take some pictures!  :)


So that's my autumn pics for this week.

Check out some more at Beth's.




  1. I love the pictures of the leaves stuck to the fence - so perfect! :-)

  2. I love the storm picture - so cool!

  3. The weather has been CRAZY - but you still got some amazing shots. That sky one!!

  4. The sky looks so cool in that third picture!

  5. Maybe it's just me being a dork, but I think the leaves blowing to the fence like that is so neat! Isn't it nice to have a husband that understands your need to photograph?

  6. Yay for not having to rake, now how to get the leaves off the fence...

    That storm shot is very neat!

  7. I love the storm picture. Gorgeous photos!

  8. Those leaves all in the fence made me LAUGH! But I can't stand wind, so I guess it's not funny, huh? NE is the 7th windiest state. I looked it up because it seems like it's always windy here and wind makes me grumpy. Nebraska may not have much, but it has wind! Lucky, lucky me!

  9. Wow those landscapes are great, we had some crazy winds too.

  10. Lovely pics. Your blog is beautiful.
    Wow, you are not kidding it was very windy and that light house is great.


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