Wednesday 8 September 2010

Some camping fun!

We were gone for a week to our favourite campground!  We had beautiful weather for the first few days... and then, the rain started.  The last three days were rainy.  :(  Not as fun when you have to sit under the awning all day.

And, the rain is not very nice to take pictures in.  I was surprised at how few pictures I got!  I guess we were too busy enjoying the sunny days.  :)

Here's some of my favourites:

Murdock relaxing.  Yes.  We had a camping kitty!  :D  And yes, you do recognize him.  He was born here, and we loved him very much.  And, the day we saw him, we knew he had to be my sister Linda's kitty!!  So, once he was old enough, off he went.  We're glad Linda brought him camping, he was such a good kitty.  :D

Guess what my baby girl did all week?  Yup.  She walked and walked and walked everywhere.  She stared walking a few days before we left for our camping trip.  No more bum-scooting.  *Sniff*

Becky back from the pool.  The kids literally were in the pool for hours those first few hot hot hot days!

Chester enjoyed the warmth.  ;)

Kids playing by our trailer.  See our tacky lights?  Every trailer must have a set.  We bought ours in Maine.  Can you see what they are??  :D  I love my lobsters.

Our dining tent.  We found it at the thrift store for $25.  It's awesome!  It's like 10' high in the centre, so it feels so spacious.  The kids lived in it once it started raining

My mom's trailer, and tents for her kids.  It was such a great set-up this year!  Lots of room for everyone.

Peeps by the fire.

Another view of the tents.

When it was warm and sunny, Hannah was doing all her walking in bare feet.  But, it got cold (REALLY cold!!  12ºC! {which is 53ºF, I think!}) so we went and bought her some shoes.  Aren't they adorable??  She *loves* her new shoes.  :D  She got the biggest grin when we put them on.  Her little feeties were finally warm!

I have a few more pics that I'll save for another day.

It was a lot of fun - although less rain would have been nicer - and we can't wait to go back next year!


  1. I'm glad you guys had a few sunny days camping! I looked at the forecast for the weekend to see if there would be some sunny days so we could work outside, and I was like "Uh oh..." Nothing but rain and thunderstorms! Crappy. :P

    Hannah is impossibly cute, by the way... and of course she can walk. She's just too smart. :) I love her new walking shoes!

  2. Those shoes are adorable!! She's still teeny tiny, even if she is walking.

    And the camping kitty made me die. :D

  3. Those are some extremely cute shoes.

    You folks ended up with the weirdest week of camping weather ever. It was unbelievably hot and then super cold. In one week. What is with that?

    We wanted to come up SO badly. There was so much to get done at home - and we did it (er, mostly) so it was worthwhile hanging back. Next Year!


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