Thursday 9 September 2010

More pics!

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Here are the rest of my favourite camping pics!

This one makes me want to sing:

"Heron in the stream.
That is what you are.
No one else is there.
You are all alone."

Of course to the tune of "Islands in the Stream" by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton - which is like the only country song I'll actually sing along with.  ;)

I got closer.  Mud was oozing over my flip flops.  (My zoom is broken, remember?)  He/she was very pretty.  And watching me.  And my sister, who also was taking pictures.

Maitland River.  So pretty!

Linda and Hannah in the hammock.

Now this is my favourite picture... and I didn't take it!  Rebekah came running over to me asking if she could take the camera.. all in a giggle.  I let her.  She came back with this.  XD  I love it!!  Not only the look on Hannah's face, but the fact that, as Becky said, she "turned the camera so they would both fit in the picture"!  :)  That's my girl!  And seriously, how adorable is Hannah's grin??  Don't you just want to chew her up?  :D  Anybody else ever walked a kitty?

Three of my little sibs.

My nephew Trenton and Justin.  They have the same hair... and the same grin.  ;)

The rest of the days we were there it was raining.  I didn't take any pictures in the rain.  So, we'll have to just go back next year to get more pictures!  :)


  1. So I have waited all day to give someone else the chance to be first but no takers. SO great pic honey love baby banana and murdock!

  2. Very cute! Love the two handsome boys in the last one, and can't get enough of Hannah and Murdock! Good job Becky!!


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