Tuesday 7 September 2010

Touch-Up Tuesday

It's Touch-Up Tuesday time!

Today, my oldest son got his braces removed!!  Yay!  It's been over a year since he started this 'journey'.  Justin had a severe cross-bite, and that has been fixed!  He can actually chew his food now, which is a good thing.  ;)

So, I'm using a pic of my newly-braces-free son!

Here's SOOC:

In Photoscape I:

Cropped to 5x7
Ran Low Cross-Process
Added light vignette & watermark

He's so happy to have them off!  And, as they were taking his braces off, the orthodontist was having a difficult time with two of his teeth - because they were baby teeth, and very loose!  So loose, that he pulled one out on the way home.  ;)  You can see the hole that it left on his upper left side.

Just for fun, here he is before he headed out for his appt. this morning!

This is Karli's last week to host Touch-Up Tuesday.  So, edit a pic, list your steps, and join in!  From now on, TuT will be hosted at Paper ♥ Camera.



  1. I remember that feeling of having my braces removed. He's looking good...as is your processing.

  2. Hurray!!

    Is he finished then, no more for the rest of his life??

    He's so cute. And big.

  3. Oh my goodness, does he not look at least TWO years older in the picture where the braces are off? WOW. It's like a little boy with braces, and now a tween. How old is this lil' guy?...I can't keep them all straight. Collin is going to be NINE next month. That's completely crazy.
    LOVE your processing as always; I think this is kind of "your" look. I like the feel of your edit - makes it more interesting to look at.

    Missed talking to you lately! :-)

  4. Awww, he looks great with his braces off, my daughter got hers off last year, she was really excited. I like your edit, it's not too much, just what it needed!

  5. Great processing. Love it! I am sure he is glad to have them off.

  6. Yay for no braces! And a very nice edit!

  7. Congrats on him being braces-free! Bet he feels relieved! My sister had to wear them and was ecstatic the day she had hers removed!


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