Wednesday 15 September 2010

Elena is 16!!

I tell ya, it's hard to be the oldest.

I have to watch all my siblings grow up.  I used to change their diapers, and now they're driving cars.  O.o  Sigh.

It's Elena's turn today.  The latest who will actually be writing a test to have the privilege of getting behind the wheel of a REAL car.

And she has a dreaded disease.

It's so terrible, that I despair over her license picture.

Here's an example.

See?  Every time a camera is pointed at her face, she gets the dreaded "Elvis sneer".  I'm not even sure she's able to stop it.

So, please be kind, and visit Elena's blog and leave her some happy birthday wishes!!  :D 

And, if you have any idea how to cure "Elvis sneer", please let her know.


  1. I know how to cure it!!!

    *swings bludgeon at Elena-shaped target*

    *target explodes into a zillion tiny Elena-shaped splinters*


    Happy Birthday, Elena... don't make me use the bludgeon. I will bludgeon you. >:D

  2. Even with the sneer, you can't hide the cuteness.

    Embrace the cuteness E.

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. That face makes me fact if she was ever pulled over...the officer couldn't give her a ticket!

  4. Awww man! I was never able to do the Elvis sneer. I've tried, and it just ends up looking like I have some type of "condition." Bummer! Happy b-day to sis! :-)

  5. It takes a lot of practice to be that good!


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