Thursday 16 September 2010

You Capture - My Choice!

I didn't participate in last week's You Capture... and so I didn't know what this week's challenge was going to be - until I looked it up.  :)

It's supposed to be "Photographer's Choice".  I guess that means I can post my favourite pics from last week.  :D

Here we go!

My baby girl in her Sunday dress.

Granny gave her this dress for her first birthday!  :D  And, just so you know, in the picture below there was a huge, blue trampoline.  I was able to get rid of it!  :D  I can't see any remnants of it on my monitor, so if you can, please let me know so I can fix it better.  :)

This parsnip came out of our garden.  I thought it was hilarious.  :D  And tasty. 

So many legs!!

Our apple tree is absolutely loaded this year!  The kids are picking their afternoon snack.  :)  Nothing like an apple fresh from the tree.  (And yes, Ethan's on an old pool ladder.  My sister borrowed our other ladders.  It works to get him high enough to swing the branch and knock down some snacks!)

Lots of apples means lots of ... apple butter!  Look how tasty.  Mmmmm...

Well, that's some of the best shots from this week.

Head over to Beth's to check out some other photographer's favs.  :)



  1. OK that parsnip is great! Oh and you can send some apple butter my way!

  2. love the shots - especially the apple picking one.

  3. Your daughter is beautiful...the parsnip - never seen one of those, and I'm now hungry.

  4. 1. Hannah is a doll.
    2. Now I regret not getting any parsnips planted this year.
    3. I'm looking forward to our apple trees being that large and productive someday!

  5. She is so precious! Love the apple butter. Looks delicious.

  6. I could go for some apple-picking and mutant parsnips! Fun! =>

  7. Talk about the little parsnip that could!

  8. No way!!!!! Jess stole my idea of numbering my comments!!! I'm still gonna do it:
    1. I KNEW we'd be seeing pic of precious lil' dolly.
    2. Holy parsnip batman!
    3. LOVE LOVE the apple tree shot. I can see that in a vintage edit...and the kids looking back at it one day... VERY VERY cool.

  9. Karli cracks me up! Same subjects even! :)

  10. The big tree + the kids+ the ladder= A Classic!

  11. Hannah is A. DOR. A. BLE. So she is.

    I think you should edit out the neighbour's house, too... just have her sitting there with nothing but grass, trees and sky behind her. Try it!

    Great pic, all of them.

    I could chew Hannah. Lucky she wasn't wearing that dress yesterday when I visited. I would have eaten her up. :D


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