Tuesday 24 August 2010

Touch-Up Tuesday

I'm using this picture just for Karli.  :)

I didn't take this picture, my Aunt took it for me - but I set the camera so all she had to do was press the shutter!  And, I edited it, which is what TuT is all about, right?

So, Karli.  Are you ready?

Here's me, my parents, and all my sibs!!  And there's room for Karli right beside Heather and I, as soon as we get those adoption papers in the mail.  XD

In Photoscape I:

Cropped to 5x7
50% backlight
added vignette.

We are:

Sarah, Linda, Matt, Elena, Daniel, Rachel, Critter, Patrick, Mom, Jay, Dad, Tiana, Me, Heather.

And, we're awesome.  And open to adopting.  ;)

So, if you have a pic that you enhanced this week, head over to Karli's to join in the fun!  :)



  1. Note: We only adopt the cool, quirky, funny ones.

    Beautiful people, especially the blonde one. ;)

    (Sorry T and H, you're cute too. :P)

  2. And another thing... MATT is on his TIP TOES. Haha Matt.

  3. Wow, the crop does make a difference! Great family pic --everyone is smiling and looking great! Not easy especially with a big group. =)

  4. I looooooove this Adeena! I'm sooo laughing my head off. I totally want to clone in a little Karli head; right by YOU!! I think this touch up is WONDERFUL. It is so subtle, but gives it a fantastic enhancement!! And seriously, how is everyone smiling so nicely! I can't even get 3 kids to smile at the same time...someone's always blinking, trying to get away, sneezing, making a weird face...you know the drill. Wonderful edit! I love it. Maybe my TuT for next week will be adding myself to the pic - LOL! just kidding! You just make me SMILE.

  5. You did just enough editing here. Nice work.

  6. It would have been nicer if Aunt had moved over and taken it without the van and the trailer in the background.

    Nice editing, though.

    And I don't mind adopting Karli. Especially since YOU approve, Adeena.

    Karli, go ahead and add yourself in. This I have to see!

  7. Jay is the tallest, but he was also standing on a rock.

  8. Funny post to go along with a great family picture!

  9. What lovely family orientated blog you have here, just passing by today from Nestwork for a quick browse :)

  10. Heather and I were sleepy, I guess.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who couldn't manage to keep her eyes open for .2 seconds. Seriously.

    We are a good looking family! I think Karli and her peeps would fit right in! :)


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