Monday 23 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Today is my sister Sarah's birthday!!

Here she is with her hubster (who, by the way, is Jeff's BBF - that is, Best Bud Forever!!  When are you going for those tats, boys?) and her gorgeous baby boy, the Duckster.

I can remember you as a baby.  And I'm blessed now to call you my friend.

Happy Birthday!!  :D


  1. XD

    That's a good picture! Better than I expected, what with Tyler doing all the yapping and me saying "Shh don't talk!" just as the camera snapped. :P

    Yay! I have a friend! :)

  2. Ty actually looks all natural, and Sarah is, no surprise, so so pretty. :)

    She is a good friend eh? And soon to be neighbour if she gets her way.

  3. You can tell Tyler's being a motor-mouth! But it's a great picture.

    I can remember you as a baby, too, Sarah. ;) And I am so thankful for the way you've grown into a lovely young wife and mother, and friend.

    Beautiful picture, Adeena, as usual.


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