Wednesday 25 August 2010

More Reunion pics!

I know not everybody is interested in seeing these, but I'm posting them anyway!  :D

Jeff and Tyler.  If Jeff were a little taller, and had hair, you two would be twins.

Linda.  Providing security.  Watching all the people from afar is her favourite.  ;)

My baby girl is standing now.  And taking steps.  She's not 'walking' yet, but soon, I'm sure.  *sniff*

Kids at play.  I'm not sure why Ethan and Arthur are holding hands...

It's hilarious when all the people stand on the narrowest part of the deck.  ;)

My first-cousin-once-removed Janet, and her hubby Norm.  You know, she has the most amazing house in Maine, and I took so many pics when we visited a few years ago... and lost them all because my card corrupted.  :(  We'll just have to go back and take some more!  :)

My Great-Aunts Dorothy and Kathy.  Aunt Dorothy reads my blog.  *waving*  Hi Aunt Dorothy! :)  'Cause she's hip like that.

My Aunt Betty.  She's my dad's sister.  And one of the reasons Hannah's middle name is Elizabeth.  :)

I have a few more pics I'm going to post eventually.  Like the belly pic.  :D  It's hilarious.



  1. Well I for one LOVE your reunion pics! Your family makes me happy! :-) XOXO

  2. You know me so well. XD

    Love all the pics.

  3. Ha! That's awesome. I'll have to show Ty when he gets home. I'm sure he'll want to develop that and put it in his wallet. He doesn't have a pic of his BBF yet!!! :-o Shocking, I know!

    You got so many good pictures! Me, not so much. Later today I'm going to download them and see what I can salvage. :P

  4. Thanks for the comment! I love family reunion pictures. I love seeing the smiles on everyone's faces. My hubby's family had a huge reunion for their 60th wedding anniversary back in July. I'm STILL editing pictures!

  5. Who wouldn't be interested in seeing these?! Real people, real family! Love them all! :) Thanks for your support on my feature day in the nestwork!

  6. Arthur and Ethan are not holding hands, Arthur is holding Ethans wrist and I doubt Ethan is thrilled about it, but that is Arthur for you.

    You posted a picture of my butt!


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