Monday 23 August 2010

Our Reunion

Yesterday was the family reunion for my dad's side.

My parents hosted this year.  We had 57 people!!  And a few were missing.  ;)

Here's the bunch:

I took the picture, so I'm not in it.  ;)

Why are Michael and Stewart in a tiny frame off to the side?  Well.  As we were finishing up taking the group picture, two little boys came running out of the porta-potty. 


They were in there a LOT during the day.  It's a new thing, don't cha know.  ;)  And, we never noticed they were missing from the pack. 

Is it a bad thing to not notice your son is missing from the picture?  I blame my cousin David.  ('Cause he's camping right now, and can't complain.  Muahahahahaa....  >:}  )

And, my sister Heather took our family picture for us.  Thanks, Heather!  (Hurry up and get a computer back!!  {Hear that, Daniel?  :P  })

Will post more pics of our fun day later!


  1. That was hysterical when the boys came out of the potty just as we were all like "Okay we're done!!" Oh man. SO hilarious!

    That picture looks great! Except I want to smack Elena upside the head. Can she not SMILE for pictures?!?!?!?!?! Honestly! Next time we meet, she is getting a head smack. Seriously.

  2. XD Ava's killing me. Holding up a clump of grass. Kaleb too!

    LOL! Anna's face!

    Wesley's like "we're number 1! HECK YES!"

    The boys in the potty were killing me a little bit. Too hilarious.

    Nice family photo!

  3. That's quite a group you've know you have a lot of people when you have to rent a porta potty - LOL

  4. Potty shot--------<3

    I love your family shot.

  5. It's too funny that the potty is the "C" and "P" potty, when you remember who used to call each other the "Big C" and the "Big P". :D

    Too bad Sarah Johnston and Mark had already left. That leaves only 53 people in the picture.

    I love the shot of your family, too... except Justin is not looking at the camera. Those shorts on Michael used to be Critter's. Brings back memories.


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