Saturday 5 June 2010


First of all, this little girl is three today.

She's growing up so fast.  I love her.  I really don't think I could love her any more than if she came out of my own belly.  Happy Birthday, Ava!

And now I have another niece to love!

Aryanah Grace was born to my brother and his gorgeous wife on May 31.

Look at this face!!

She is so pretty, and blonde!  :)

The kids couldn't wait to hold her.

And Hannah was enthralled with this baby that moved!  And made noise! 

She has a few dolls that she carries all over the house (she's only 10 months, people.) and grins every time we talk about her baby.

We all agreed Aryanah is adorable.  I think we'll keep her.  :)


  1. Yes! I get first comment.

    Great pictures, and I agree with all of the sentiments. Love the babies (and the bigs) and I think we ought to keep them. :D

  2. She's so cute!! Another keeper for sure. And yes, how is it possible that we can love the ones we didn't give birth to so much?


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