Sunday 6 June 2010

Beach Day!

It was Ava's birthday, and she wanted a party on the beach.

Boys braving the cool water.

Babies testing the water.  Deklan:  "Yes! Fun! Fun!"  Hannah: "What are you doing to me??"

Lots of littles.

The Duck-man and I hung out.

Then we joined Hannah at the swings.  Hannah: "Yes!  Fun! Fun!"  Deklan: "What are you doing to me??"

Bubble time!

Babies in the grass.

Happy Birthday singing...

..and cupcake eating.

It was a fun day!Photobucket


  1. I LOVE Hannah's expression looking at Ducky in the grass!!

    Beach party's are fun. Ava was smart to want one.

  2. I love Hannah's expression too!!

    And it was fun. I'm so glad it didn't rain till the end.


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