Friday 14 May 2010

Flashback Fridays

This week's flashback is... my nephew, Quin!  He's turning 10 years old in only two more days.

He's too big.  STOP GROWING UP!!

They never listen to me.

Can you get get over his bald head and dimples?!?  I remember kissing that bald baby - mine had so much hair.

He had the cutest hat ever. AND he kept it on his little head.

My beautiful sister with her firstborn.

All dressed up for Halloween!

Like a model. 

Running with his little brother - Quin's on the left.

And finally, last year at Creekside.

Happy almost-tenth-birthday, Quin!

Love ya lots.
xoxo Photobucket


  1. How can my BABY be almost ten!!!
    I can't believe it. I remember that picture of us like it was yesterday. It was his first birthday.

    Adorable pictures, but then, he's an adorable boy.

  2. Gorgeous. What beautiful pictures. I love this Flashback thing. So good to know that someone keeps these pictures in order (not like ME).

    Happy 10th birthday, Quinlan!

  3. Such a handsome dude! 10, holy cow....they need to stop. Just stop.

  4. Augh! 10 years old?? No way man!

    He had (and has) the MOST beautiful eyes!! It's the crazy blue and gimungous eyelashes... just like Deklan. :)

  5. It's his dimples that kill me.

    He gave me dimples today while I was teaching him piano. He played in the wrong key, and I gave him a look when he was done, and he dimpled at me and said "yea, but I was just trying to rush through it." Then he played it properly, in the right key...but his dimples kill me. :D

    Happy soon-birthday, Quin!


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