Saturday 15 May 2010

Gone again..

We're off to another dance competition today.  Hopefully the girls can get another medal.  :)

Not only are we going to a dance competition today, but tomorrow is the boy's (Jeff, too!)  first karate tournament!

And, we were called by hydro, and there's a scheduled power outage happening tomorrow morning.  Sigh.  So, that means I have to get lunch/snacks/supper/etc. ready for TWO days this morning!

Oh well.

I don't think I'll be able to tell you the results of Becky's competition tomorrow... being as we'll have no hydro.  ;)  I'm not sure how long the karate tournament will be, either.

So, see you Monday!

Here's some kitten pics to tide you over.



  1. Ohhhh. The little grey one with the little grey nose is soooo cute!!!!

    It's cool she had 1 black and white, 1 grey and white, and 1 tortoiseshell. Is that what you call that colour? I don't know.

  2. Trixie is a tortoiseshell. The third kitten is more like a tabby, I think. It's hard to see, but she's stripey.

  3. Oh how sweet! We just have one barn cat, and I was thinking of getting another kitten or two this spring... but got kind of overwhelmed with life. After seeing those cuties, now I want one!

  4. I love the white and gray one. But all are so so so cute.

    No Hydro on the weekend? BAS**rDS!

  5. Aww pretty kittens!

    Bad, bad Adeena. Posting such cute little baby kitten photos. You are so mean.


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