Saturday 3 April 2010

Her birthday!

It's my sister's birthday today!

Happy Birthday, Heather!!  :D  She was born three years after me, and I'm going to be 35 this year.  (Shocking, I know.)

Heather does things that I wouldn't do.

Like going down a snowy hill while STANDING on a toboggan.  Which caused her to fall on her rear.

I wouldn't do that.  My rear is not as hot as hers.

It's documented. 

We went to the Waterloo Children's Museum.  They had heat vision.  Heather's rear was very hot.  ;)

You know, as I was looking through my pictures, I noticed that I don't have any really nice ones of her face.  I mean, I don't have any of her actually looking at me.

I have this one.  (Can I say how jealous I am of those lips??  I mean, seriously!)

And this one.

But that's it.

So, my amazing, talented, brave, God-trusting, horse-loving, kind-of-like-me-but-better sister, be warned.

I'm going to be stalking you.  

With my camera.  :P

Happy Birthday to my best first sister in the world.

I heart you.


  1. I know, she hides. You're too young to be 35 by the way.

  2. Lovely post, Adeena. I heart her, too.

  3. *Sniff*.

    I heart you too.

    And I know. I have only one nice pic of my face, the one some guy took on the plane to Mexico!

    So, stalk me if you must. But let me know ahead of time, so I can, you know, be pretty.


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