Friday 2 April 2010

Flashback Fridays

This week, in honour of my brother Patrick's birthday, today's flashback is... 

Baby Patrick!

Look at that hair!!  Ethan and Patrick are like twins.

See his hernia bulging?  

Hanging out with Buster... chewing on a skeleton leg.  ;)

So big now!  Sitting up all by himself!

Hanging out with Linda.

He was so cute, wasn't he?  Too bad he grew up.  :P

Love ya, Pat.  :)


  1. cute! And chubby! The hair... those March babies share that and the love of all things food.

  2. Such happy little kids, eh? Linda was delighted to sit with her baby brother... and Patrick was just toooooooooo cute.

    Still is, by the way.


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