Sunday 4 April 2010

Last week in pictures...

We had such a busy week last week.

First of all, check out this beautiful sunset. 

Most of my family went to see the "Our Bodies" exhibit.  I found it equally fascinating and horrifying.  I would never go again.  You can read more about it here, here and here.

Kids waiting to go into the Museum.

They had the cutest tiny kid's doors!

After we saw the bodies, we explored the rest of the museum.

The kids loved this 'electric' ball.

Checking out the downtown.

Jeff riding a scooter.  :)

Weird 3-D thing that I couldn't look into without getting a headache.

Playing in the park that my parents took me to when I was little!

First time with bare feet in the grass... not a fan.  ;)

Huge, old tree that had to come down.

Family walk for Easter!  Want to go back in a month to see the changes.

And finally, a beautiful sunset at my mom's.

It was a beautiful week here.  We're loving all the sunshine! 

How was your week?


  1. Happy Easter! Great pictures. Looks like fun.

  2. It's sad when old trees need to die. Great pictures! We missed the walk, I bet it was fun!

  3. Your pictures are awesome! I love the one of Ethan on top of the playhouse! It was a busy, busy week & weekend for us, too.


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