Saturday 20 March 2010

Some green fun!

Did you have a good St. Patrick's day?

We did!  :)

We had our traditional "Green egg" omelet for breakfast.  Yum!

Sad, sick-with-a-cold baby Banana.  

And this year, just for fun, we put St. Pat's tattoos on our cheeks!

We've been enjoying the sunshine we've been having!  And fighting a spring cold.  :/  All the Creekside kids have it.  (I'm sure you noticed Ethan's red upper lip.  Poor kid.)

So, what did you do to celebrate?


  1. Where's the picture of Jeff's Tat? And yours? ALL of yours?

    It was a fun day. Too late of a night, though.
    And baby Nana is so sad...

  2. Jeff's tat was gone before I got a picture. :/ I wanted one, too. Sigh.

    I took mine off, too. ;)


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