Monday 22 March 2010

I ♥ Faces - Focusing on Angles

This week at i♥faces, we're focusing on angles!

This is an interesting challenge.  I don't usually take angled pictures, so it was fun trying to come up with an idea for this week.

The 15th was a beautiful sunny day here.  So, the kids and I headed out to take some sunny pictures!

Here is the very first one I took that day.

Yes, there was a bit of sunflare.  ;)  The boys were up on our planter box, and I was contorted on the ground!  (I don't do the ground.  :P )  I love the face Michael is making!  Too funny.  And, hubby liked it best in B&W.

Check out the other angles at i♥faces!


  1. What clowns! :)
    I have abrother just like them.

  2. Ha! I love Michael, what a ham!

    Ethan looks like he's bored. :D

    I don't do ground, either... especially not in Spring. So gushy. Bleh. ;)

  3. this is super cute! their expressions are priceless and totally make the photo. ♥

  4. Boys are definately boys! LOL, this is such a fun picture!

  5. The angle is perfect and who couldn't love those expressions? Great shot. Thanks for you comment on my blog too!

  6. Cool shot. Love the trees in the background.

  7. Sun flare always makes me so happy :) I love it!


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