Friday 19 March 2010

Flashback Fridays

This week, I'm focusing on George and Tabitha's children.  That would be my Grandpa Bern, my Great-Uncle Victor, and my Great-Aunts Kathy and Dorothy.

This one is my Great-Uncle Victor and Bernard.  Wonder if they were having a tea party?  ;)

Victor, Kathy and Bern in North York in the 1920s.

Vic, George and Kathy.

 Bern and Vic in the back, Kathy and Dorothy in the front.  Likely early 1930s.

Vic, Dorothy, Bern, their cousin Doris and Kathy.  Mid to late 1930s.

Bern, Kathy, Tabitha and Dorothy in front.  In Hamilton, 1930s.

My handsome Grandpa Bern.  June, 1937.  ;)

And finally for this week, my Great-Aunts Kathy and Dorothy -  about 1941.

That's it for this week! 


  1. Very cool.

    Who was the oldest? Was it Grandpa?

    Lovin' it.

  2. Yes, Grandpa was the oldest.

    Bernard James: Feb. 13, 1917 - Chatham
    Victor Lloyd George: Nov. 4, 1918 - Chatham
    Kathleen Marian: Dec. 27, 1921 - Wallaceburg
    Dorothy Ann: March 23, 1927 - Windsor

  3. Those Billson foreheads...and eyebrows! Good lookin' for sure!

  4. **NOTE!

    Thanks to my Aunt Dorothy (thanks again! :D ) I have corrected a few mistakes.

    The first picture is Vic and Bern.

    The picture of the four kids is with their cousin DORIS.

    And, (a 'duh' moment) the last picture was not before the war, the war had already started in 1941.


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