Saturday 7 March 2009

Happy 8th Birthday, Ethan!!

Today is Ethan's 8th birthday! I feel like he's been eight forever already. ;) And yet, I also think that he shouldn't be eight yet. Sigh.

He has been one of the happiest kids ever. And, his hair has always been awesome. :D

Ethan - so fashionable in GAP and Tommy!

Ethan - just before his first birthday. And, he still has his flyaway baby hair. :D And, did I mention that he starting walking at 9 months?!? 9 months!!

Hide and seek was Ethan's favourite game.

Ethan thought Spiderman was AWESOME! :D

And now, he's decided to grow his hair out. It actually looks really nice on him, and lets his double-crowns and cowlicks lay flat. ;) He really needs either short, spiky hair or long hair. And, he can pull off both.

Happy Birthday to my 2nd baby. xxoo


  1. Awww! So many cute baby pictures! He was such an awesome baby. I knew he started walking early, I didn't remember it was at 9 months though! Wowww!

    Happy Birthday, Ethan!! :D :D :D

  2. Great Post!! Happy, Happy Birthday Ethan!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ethan. You sure look handsome today! Did you enjoy your birthday supper? YUM!

  4. Such a cutie! Happy Birthday, Ethan!

    He really can pull off both hair cuts. ^.^

  5. Those are really cute pics!


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