Tuesday 17 March 2009

Fun in the sun!

Yes! We've finally been having some warm, beautiful sunny days! The kids were able to go outside... in just a t-shirt! Jeff and I have sat on the deck a couple times, just soaking up the sunshine, and enjoying it very much.

Justin and Ethan playing war guys.

And climbing trees. :)

Becky and Emma loving the swing!

And the best part? My tiger lilies are starting to make an appearance!! I'm so glad to see the tiny bit of green poking up through the dirt.

My hands are just itching to get out and do some gardening... but I'm waiting for now. The forecast is calling for some more snow. Sigh. And, the ground is still really, really wet. But, there's hope that Spring is on it's way! :D We saw a robin on the weekend! ;)


  1. Hi! I love the pictures of the kids. I see you changed the Creekside picture - boy, is it ever green already!

    We've been outside a lot today, too. Ya gotta love the sun this time of year, eh?

    I like the new look of your blog, except those two flowers stay.right.there...immovable. They bug me.

  2. Oh, I have to comment again. Guess what the new Word Verification is?


    Prophetic, I think. Camping season is fast approaching. A glass of wine sitting by the fire in the evening is one of the joys of life. Can't wait!

  3. Wines. :D That's awesome!!

    The flowers annoy me, too. We'll see. Either I'll get used to it, or I'll have to change it again. ;) I just wanted something lighter, since spring is almost here! :D

  4. I Like your new blog!! The flowers are a little in the way. But pretty. Lovin the sun. I'm already planning my gardens as well. I need some flowers.

  5. Hooray for new looks! Always good. The flowers might be an issue, but then again, I WANT FLOWERS! So they're okay. :D

    My word verification is "aviti". I don't think that's as exciting as Mom's was.

    But it does sound Latin or Italian or something. AND, it's green. So I guess it knew it was St. Patrick's day.

  6. Love the way Creekside looks now - don't the sunny days just make you want to get moving?


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