Wednesday 4 March 2009

It's a....

Baby!! :D

I had my routine 19 week u/s today. From what I could see, everything looked great! The baby was jumping around so much that the tech had a hard time getting the measurements and pictures that she needed. I was there about an hour, and she still wasn't able to get any pics of the baby's stomach. So, I'll likely need a follow up appt. so they can check that.

It was so much fun to watch the baby flipping around! :D I don't think it stayed still for more than three seconds for the entire exam. It would push it's feet up against the side of my uterus, and then push off like a rocket, and jump around! The kids were able to be in the room with me, and Justin saw the baby waving.

The tech showed all the kids the head, face, belly, spine, leg & foot (we got to watch the baby doing one of it's rocket moves!), arm, wrist and hand. It was very cool.

But, it was a shy baby. Wouldn't let us inspect it's nether regions, so we still don't know if it's pink or blue! Hopefully when I have my follow up u/s, we'll be able to tell.

Here are the pictures that we got today.

The baby spent most of it's time face down. It would spin itself around in a complete circle, and end up in the same position. It was so frustrating for the tech, who was trying to get some pictures of the baby's heart! :)

One of the rare times that the baby was face up.

This was the shot we got when she was showing us the baby! The little face was so clear. See that baby's mouth is open? It's like it was saying 'Hi!'

So, I'm disappointed that we didn't get to peek for pink or blue, but it was so much fun to watch our little baby have so much fun! I wonder if it'll be just as active after it's born. ;)


  1. That's so cool!! I'm so glad you posted the baby's first pictures!! I know it's annoying when they won't stay still, but it's so much fun to watch them wriggle. I hope you can find out pink or blue in your foll up u/s. I'm dying yo know!

  2. Hmmm, seems to me just a couple of days ago, the kid's momma was squirming and wriggling when her mother was trying to take HER picture. 'Tit for 'Tat maybe?

    Plus, if the kid's that vain, must be a girl... (Ohhhhh, I KNOW I'll get in trouble for that one...)

  3. Such a little cutie!! Can't wait to meet her...or him!

  4. So cute! And so awesome that baby was jumping around and rocketing and wriggling. Very cool.

    WV: "Inomp"

    Like an inward romp? :} Maybe that's what the baby was doing!

  5. Hurray! Oh, it was so cool to see Beanie moving during the ultrasound. She/he was really cranking 'er up, putting on a good show for Mommy & Daddy! She/he was a good little bean, though, stayed still while the u/s technician did her thing, and then started dancing when we could see. :)

    Hopefully next time you'll be able to tell what the baby is. I say girl! Woot! :)

  6. So fun watching this! But don't be too sure on the pink/blue stuff. We were told that with second son, but I wasn't convinced and in the end my mother had to return tons of pink.

  7. Yes, I do know that the pink or blue is never for certain. I have just never gotten to look with my other ones, and this time I wanted to have a peek for fun! ;)

    I seem to be gravitating towards girl stuff... so it'll be interesting to see what happens. :D


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