Tuesday 29 July 2008

Fun at Fleetway!

We've been wanting to take the kids mini-golfing for a few years now, and we finally decided to go for it! After looking around online, we found Fleetway. Glo-golf sounded like a blast, so off we went.

I forgot to bring my camera, so the only pictures we have were from our cell phones. But, if you haven't gone, you should definitely try it. And, let us know, 'cause we'd love to go again! :D

And, once we were finished golfing, we went to the on-site Dairy Queen. Sundae's for everyone! Yum! (Three were chocolate, and three were strawberry, in case you wanted to know. ;)


  1. Cell phone photos or not, the camera still captured the kids' cuteness.

    :D Because, they are cute, of course.

  2. Hey! We went there one week later (but bowling instead).. sat in the same tables for sundaes afterwards.. but it was 3 votes chocolate, 2 votes strawberry :), and one reese's peeces blizzard.


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