Tuesday 29 July 2008

Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos... on a steeck. ;)

I found this website a little while ago that had the best looking recipe. Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos. We knew we had to give them a try. Today was the day. Jeff picked 17 beautiful jalapenos from the garden, and I whipped them up for lunch.

Oh. My. GOODNESS! They are amazing. Of course, we knew they would be. All but one of the ones I ate were mild. Jeff had two that will cause a 'ring of fire', ;) and so did Ethan. I was killing myself laughing as his face got redder and redder, and tears were streaming down his cheeks. :D

If you have access to the three ingredients, you need to try them. If you can't have cream cheese, try them with turkey sausage. (That idea is in the comments on the original site.) I'll be making these again, and maybe trying some different variations for fun.

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  1. Yum!! We grew jalapenos last year I can't wait until we have more!! This looks awesome!!


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