Monday 28 July 2008

What a busy month!

It has been crazy busy here for the last month.

Jeff was off on holidays for the first two weeks of July, then surprise! He got laid off for an extra week. Not so good for the wallet, but a great time of relaxing!

We got our chickens moved out of the little shed and into the 'dog kennel' that we bought for them. We haven't gotten the wood for the bottom so we can 'skid' it, so for now they are quite happy living beside the little shed. The kids love taking them out all the kitchen scraps. :)

The flower garden by our back deck exploded with poppies this year. Guess I didn't shake the seed container enough. ;) But, it sure is beautiful.

Between both boys, there were 10 baseball games this month. (Two of which haven't happened yet. ;)

Jeff's dad fell and broke his arm at the beginning of the month, and then his bowel twisted. He had to have surgery on the bowel, and his arm is still not quite right, and might have to be operated on as well. So, we've taken a couple trips to London to visit Grandpa. (He's doing a lot better, btw. Yay!) One time while we were there, we took a trip to Fleetway. So much fun! :)

We had our eye doctor appointment, (everyone is still the same - even me!) and spent the night at Heather and Steve's in our tent trailer. That was a blast! Quin and Ethan played soldiers. (For shame! That's not life jackets, it's armour!) :)

I can't believe we're already coming to the last month of the summer. It seems like summer has hardly begun. I wonder if it's because of all the rain we've had? Hopefully August will be beautiful.

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