Tuesday 1 January 2013

Memories, Dreams and Reflections

The 2012 edition!  :)

I'm throwing in a few iPhone shots as well if they fit the theme.

1.  Me

{you} Me and my lapdog.  ;) #cmglimpse #hannahbaby

Snuggling with my girlie while we wait at karate. (iPhone)

2.  I love you

ILY (1 of 1)

3.  Still Laughing

Style 301-30.jpg


4. Winter Wonderland

WW (1 of 1)

We did not have a lot of snow last winter.  Hopefully we get a bit more this year.. but it's not looking good so far.

5. Birthday

birthday (1 of 1)

At my nephew's birthday party.  One of the things we heard the most from Hannah this summer was "Jaaaaaammmmiiieee!!!"  Her uncle loves to pester her.  ;)

6. Friends

Break time so I can get a shot of both my girls.  ;)

It's nice to be able to dance with your best friend.  :)  (iPhone)

7. I was Inspired

Portfolio (26 of 26).jpg

Lately I have been inspired by deep, rich B&W conversions.  I love how this one turned out. 

8. Spring Fever

Bob outside-5.jpg

Lambs!!  That screams springtime.  :)

9. Travel or Vacation

My View Motherhood.jpg

The kids had a competition in Niagara Falls, so we went a day early to see the sights.

10. Summer Days

Style 301 June 23-3.jpg

We spent a lot of time at ball diamonds.

11. A Day in my Life

Today's canning: spaghetti sauce. 13 litres done, two full stock pots waiting. Whew. #canning #fresh #garden

I did a LOT of canning this year.  (iPhone)

12. All Smiles

all-smiles (1 of 1)

This was right after that kissy picture.  :)

13. Autumn Harvest

21 of the 34 litres of sauce I did today. Calling it quits for the weekend, put the last half bushel of tomatoes in the fridge. #canning  #fresh  #garden  #sotired

Sooo muuch  caaannninggg...  (iPhone)

14. Family or Home

home (1 of 1)

Our house looks so small from the back field.

15. Celebrate

Showing off their full-of-Christmas-dinner bellies!  Letting it settle, then it'll be time for Banoffee pie. #christmasdinner #traditions

I've shown this one recently... but it kills me.  :D  After our turkey dinner Christmas celebration, they were showing off their full tummies. (iPhone)

16. Let's do it again

do-it-again (1 of 1)

Sparklers after the fireworks?  Wouldn't be a Canada Day celebration without it.  :D

17. I miss you

All that's left is the deck. #camping #riverside #tillnextyear

Oh campsite.  I miss you.  Can't wait till May.  ;)  (iPhone)

18. Beautiful

Style 301-18.jpg

Inside and out.  :)

19. Dress Up


Purple Princess Fairy. 

20. Macro

Style 301-23.jpg

I don't have a "Macro" lens, but my Tamron has the capabilities.  Love that you can see the fuzz on the bee!

21. Holidays

holiday (1 of 1)

Yay for Canada Day!  And matching shirts for my girls.  :)

22. My Favourite

Portfolio (19 of 26).jpg

 This was my favourite shot of the year.  It's my new favourite spot for fantastic lighting.  :)

23. Don't Ever Change

Blessings (5 of 8)

I hope that my children will always have a close relationship.  And that they always love kitties as much as I do.  ;)

24. Just Because

Her little booty in her unitard and tights just kills me.  :D #hannahbaby

Don't you just want to squish her??  She enjoyed her dance class so much this year.  :D  Seriously nothing more adorable than tiny girls in dance class.  (iPhone)

25. Hopes and Dreams

She crawled onto my lap. Next thing I knew... Sound asleep. Busy day yesterday with her cousins. #hannahbaby

I hope that 2013 brings us more good days than bad.  I hope that my children continue to grow in the Word.  I hope all her dreams are sweet.  :)  (iPhone)

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  1. I love them all, especially the girls' eyes... and I can't believe you caught an actual smile on Jamie!

    Just wonderful.

    I think I have to scrapbook 'em.


  2. Such a great set! I love the all smiles and macro shots too!

  3. Fantastic set- you really have captured some stunning moments. LOVE that one for beautiful- it certainly is that.


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