Thursday 3 January 2013

A 365? Why yes!

I decided I'm going to do another 365 this year.

So far, I'm still happy with my decision.  ;)

I think I'm just going to post them here, instead of starting up a new blog.

So, to catch up:

Jan 1 - We're actually getting some snow!  Sure makes our white dog look less.. white.  ;)

Jan 1 2013

Jan 2 - My ginormous kitty.  Who was on top of a pantry cupboard.  He's such a goof.

Jan 2 2013

I also took this one.  Still experimenting with Fine Art.


Jan 3 - Twirling Snow Princess.  Experimenting with texture and motion.

Jan 3 2013

Now only 362 to go.  ;)

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  1. Awesome start! I've squeaked out a few pics, but undecided if I'm going to jump full into a 365.


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