Friday 5 October 2012

Photo a day

I've joined a group of women who are going to take a photo a day in October.

I'm gearing up for another 365 in 2013, and wanted the practice.  :)

So, I figured I might as well post the pictures here, since they're on Flickr anyway!  :D

Oct 1 - Stack


Oct 2 - Pigtails


Oct 3 - Crawly


Oct 4 - Personality (My nephew has a pile of that. ;)

10-4 -12

Going to try and post every day, but wanted to get caught up.  :)

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  1. Hannah's pigtails made me giggle in a high pitched "Heheheheeee!" kind of way. So cute!!!

    And that beetle looks familiar, they are EVERYWHERE at my house! They are always on my front door, wanting to get into the house. I say "NO!" to that. :p

  2. I was gonna start my 365 Oct 1st. Maybe I still can... ;) Better look at what I have so far this month.

    Did you get a macro? Those boxelder bugs have been so obnoxious here - I think they love the dry weather.


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