Saturday 2 June 2012

The Way I View

It's that time again!

And I almost missed it.  Seriously.

The theme for this month was "Motherhood".

Well... it's been a bad picture month.  My computer has been giving me grief, which means that I can't download/edit pics.. which means I don't take very many.  But here are two that I think fit the theme.  :)

First - Edna and Bob.  Edna was the first "mom" in the barn.  :)

My View Motherhood-2.jpg

I took that picture through a little hole in the barn door.  :)

And... nothing says "motherhood" like taking your kids to their dance competition in Niagara Falls... and then walking with them down to the falls from the hotel... and realizing you're at the wrong end... and then walking so far so they can see the Horseshoe Falls that you lose the bottoms of your toes to blisters.  Yep.  Good times.  ;)

My View Motherhood.jpg

(And just to be clear, the one in red is my niece.  Although I'd happily adopt her.  ;)

So that's my take on Motherhood.  Maybe next year I'll try to get into a picture or two.  ;)

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  1. Ah, love that first one, very cool with the blur of the hole you were shooting through.

  2. Awesome shots. How can you look at the first one without saying, "Aww." Great job on the challenge!

  3. Agreed, the first picture is wonderful! Love the new blog too :)

  4. I love the rainbow! And I love how every month there is a farm animal thrown in somewhere LOL

  5. So beautiful, I just love that first photo. Look at that perfect rainbow over your beautiful children and niece!

  6. Adorable! That first one is super sweet!I hope your toes feel better :)

  7. Love that first one Adeena! Great job!!

  8. Oh wow- what a shot on that last one. Well done!


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