Monday 2 April 2012

The Way I View

This month, the theme for "The Way I View" was happiness.

Good theme! :)

Happiness is...

Playing with your shadow.


Getting your 10th birthday bike a few months before you actually turn 10.  :)

Happiness 2

Falling asleep while reading a good book.

Happiness 3

Playing peekaboo.

Happiness 4

Relaxing with your buddy in the sunshine.

Happiness 5

The first flowers of spring.

Happiness 6

Growing up with animals.

Happiness 7

Jumping on a trampoline.

Happiness 8

Spending time with your best friend.

Happiness 9

To see more happy pictures, please check out Linda's blog!  :)

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  1. Just wonderful Adeena!! Adore the shadow shot, the calves and your kids with the calf. In fact they were all just fabulous and filled with happiness!

  2. Oh I love these! I cannot pick a favorite. Seriously - so much happiness in these photos! Great job!

  3. Wow Adeena such great photos this month! The first one with the shadows is amazing, love the light, the fog, everything! Love the flowers, love the trampoline - great work this month!

  4. These pictures make me happy! :D

    It's hard to choose but I think the ones of the boys on the trampoline and of the three girls are my favourites.... but they're all my favourites. :D

  5. Adeena, I love these, they are SO happy and beautiful captures! I really loved looking through all of you adventures here!

  6. You've captured so much happiness here! I love the one of your daughter peeking the most :) What a wonderful opportunity your kids have to grow up with animals.


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