Tuesday 3 April 2012

Just because...

I took these of Ethan yesterday.

And, I'm always taking pictures that I love, and then forgetting to post them.

Not today.  :D

Ethan 11 years-0018.jpg

^ I love this one so much that I ordered it in an 8x10.  Pick it up tonight.  :D

Sweet Shot Day

Ethan 11 years

I know his eyes look really bright in ^ that one, but I actually *darkened* them with the brush!!  They were just really bright in the sun.   :)

That's all.  Just wanted to share.  :)

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  1. these are really nice portraits! I especially love that first shot! Really nice photography! I host a link up on Tuesday's too, you should come check it out!

  2. What a handsome young man! Great shots...

  3. Great portraits! I wish I would just remember to print some of mine out!

  4. Great portraits of your boys. Good for you for printing them :)

  5. Oh what a GREAT one! Isn't that so exciting when you get a shot that you're just crazy about! We're FINALLY starting a photo wall (pics I have taken), and I can't wait to see our kiddos on the wall. Do you know I have ZERO pics I have taken of the kids up and around the house?! Eek!

    LOVE this shot of your guy! xoxo


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