Thursday 2 February 2012

The Way I View... New Beginnings

I've joined a blog train!  :)

Every month, I'll be linking to other photographers as we explore "The Way I View" things.

For January, the theme was "New Beginnings."  I'll be honest... I didn't get as much done for this as I would have liked.  With how busy January was, it kind of got pushed to the back of my mind.

But, I do have a few things that work with the theme.  :)

First.  A new year means...

Blank calendars waiting to be filled with activities.


A new beginning for me was signing up for Shooting 101 at Clickin' Moms.  I'm surprised at how much I learned.  And this course is hopefully a New Beginning as I continue to improve!


One of the things I've learned at CM is not to be afraid of the shadows... and it's okay to shoot at a high ISO.

Opens new photography opportunities for me.  :)  And... tablets are definitely a new beginning for our family!  Hannah is enjoying it - especially Angry Birds.  :D


I'm sure  you're wondering how this photo means "New Beginnings."


An F3 tornado destroyed parts of our local town.  And, even though some of the oldest buildings have had to be torn down... it's making way for new.  New buildings, New businesses... New Beginnings.


And one last picture...  this year, we've entered the world of cattle.

A new beginning for our family is raising our own meat.

We're thoroughly enjoying it.  And the calves are completely adorable.  :D


So, there you go!  That's How I View... New Beginnings.

Please visit Linda at Raspberry Kisses to check out what New Beginnings mean to her.

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  1. What great shots. I can't believe January is over already. I bet that calendar is covered in things by now!

  2. Great job! I love your different perspectives on the theme!

  3. I need to hang my calendar on the wall so I can fill it out.... Meant to do that in January... Doh!

  4. Great job! You definitely had some great ideas for the challenge--I love it!

  5. Love this Adeena, congratulations on your new workshop endeavour, that's awesome. Your little girls is so adorable in your low light capture, can't wait to keep up with your photography journey this year!

  6. Love your interpretation! Great shots - especially love the one of the cow, but then I'm partial to cows :)

  7. Wonderful photos! I love blank calendars - crazy right?! And that calf is too cute. Great job, can't wait to check out next month.

  8. Love your pictures! I am going to try to do a better job of filling in my calendar. I have a lot of blank calendars. :-)

  9. oh that calf makes me melt... sooooo cute!

  10. You did a terrific job on all your photos. I'm so glad you're loving shooting 101. I took that two years ago and learned so much from that course!

  11. Great photographs! I am also a RYC 101 alum and loved it so much. You will be amazed at how much you will learn and grow! With your photographs I can see you are already off to a great start! Loved the iPad and calf photographs. And the two middle building photographs - sorry to hear about the tornado. I hope no one was hurt. Very poignant example of new beginnings!

  12. Great job! Love the one of the calf!!


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