Sunday 5 February 2012

Project 52 - Week 5

This week's theme was Best Friends.

Neither are my shots are that great technically... but the memories/emotions for me are perfect.  :)

I love this shot.  Even though it's not all in focus - it was a quick-don't-miss-the-moment snap - it totally captures my boys and their relationship.

Best Friends 1

I also have one of my girls.  Hannah *loves* her big sister.. and copies her all the time.  Even "listening" to the broken mp3 player so she can be like her big sister.

Best Friends 2

And for "My Everyday" the theme this week was "Hot."

It's been "hot" lately.  Usually we're buried under a few feet of snow this time of year... but we have no snow right now.  Things are starting to grow... which is bad, in a way, since they aren't supposed to start until March/April.

My lilac tree has buds.



Bring on Week 6!  :D

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  1. I love that first one!! A framer for sure. The one of your girls is so sweet. Yay for new buds, I noticed a few around here too :)

  2. Love the boys. XD

    I think it's awesome how Rebekah's shirt says "sweet" - it's like a caption for the photo. :D

  3. Love the boys being boys & oh how sweet your girls are. Look at how she just has so much adoration for her.

  4. Oh, those pictures of your kids are so sweet!


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