Monday 9 January 2012

Project 52 - Week 1

After a few days of not-picking-my-camera-up-once, it's time to start fresh for this new year!  :)

I'm taking on a Project 52... or two.  Yep - two different projects, two different themes!  But, that's still only two (or four... ;D ) pics a week... much easier than 7.  ;)

Week 1:  Breakfast

First, it's breakfast for cute little calves.


Then, breakfast for cute little children.  ;)


(She would NOT leave it alone!  Kept laughing about the "eggie".  :D )

Week 1: My Everyday - happy

I've been trying out BBF. Sharp eyelashes make me very happy. :D

Jan 8 120

Getting her first email from her Granny makes her very happy. ;)

Jan 8 127

Linking up for the first time with My 3 Boybarians.

Sweet Shot Day

There we go!

Next week will be "Up" and "Dry".


  1. If the eggs are for cute little children who's kids get them?

  2. What FUN it must be at your place. I must come visit sometime Adeena!!! Love these!


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