Wednesday 4 January 2012

It`s so awesome!! :D

So, when I was ordering the calendars for Christmas from Wal-Mart`s photo lab (yes, I know, but actually the quality is pretty good at ours) I noticed something called a `Digital Photo Plaque`.  I wasn`t sure what it was... but figured I`d make up a collage of my favourite 365 photos, and order one for fun.

Found a great collage template through Clickin` Moms, filled it in with my favourites (four from each month, plus my favourite of the year in the centre), adjusted the size by adding some text at the top (original was 20x20) and ordered.

It came in today.

Cost me $40.

I love it.

Like, I`m so thrilled with it, I can`t stop grinning when I look at it.

It`s big.

I know, I know, I ordered it.  I knew it was 24x20.  But still, you never can quite picture these things... or at least, I can`t.

I`m not sure where I`m going to put it, since I really don`t have any bare wall.  (Not kidding.  Have I mentioned our house is *tiny*? )


(And yes, the 5x7's are falling out of their frames.  I hate those frames.)


  1. Wow! I love it!!! Wish I had more wall space...

  2. Worth every penny.. it looks great!

  3. That's gorgeous! Great creativity!

    As for size, i literally take masking tape and a tape measure to work that out ahead of time. ;)


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