Sunday 1 January 2012

Project 365 - Week 52

It's over!!  :D

This is the last round up of 2011.  It's been fun... but I've decided to take a break from a picture a day.. at least for a little while.  ;)  Instead, I'm going to do two different things.

#1  I'm starting a Project 52.  :)  With prompts.  If you're a member of Clickin' Moms (and if you're not... trust me as a newbie, it's worth it! ;)  you can join in there, too.  This week's prompt is "breakfast".

#2  I'm also joining in on a monthly blog train with the theme "How I view".  First up is "New beginnings".

Yay for new things!  :D

On to the round up.


358:  Colouring with paper that is bigger than she is.  ;)

359:  My sister made these awesome penguins!!  And they were delicious.  :)

360:  She loves her new "barbie".

361:  One more kitty picture for 2011.

362:  Random kid picture.

363:  I love how sharp her eye is with my 50mm.  But, my house is so little.  A 28mm or 30mm lens is next on my list.

364:  We hooked up the xbox and kinect.  Watching the kids play with the kinect was so fun!  :D

And, just because I want the whole year documented here...

365:  Andy is running and jumping everywhere!!


(That's Sir Loin and Amos on the right.)

Why is Andy running and jumping everywhere?

Because he was let out of the isolation pen.


Because we needed it for Alex.  ;)


Ethan bought this calf with his own money.

So, now we have four.  Our own little herd.  :)

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  1. Ah! You did great! Congrats on finishing, and it was really fun to let us peek in on this project.

  2. Congrats! You have a beautiful family. I love the kitty pic too.

  3. HA- it looks like your black & white kitty is as talkative as ours. Hehehehe

    Happy 2012!!

  4. Such great shots. Looks like a wonderful week. Aww. Yay for a new calf. So sweet.

  5. Well done? It's so inspirational to watch someone commit to something and really stick with it. x


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