Wednesday 28 December 2011

Top 11 of 2011

I can't believe it's time to pick the top 11!  That means this year is practically over.


Here's my favourites from this year... with a few missing.  Seriously, I had such a hard time picking out only 11!

#11 - Girls enjoying the first snowfall of the season!


#10 - Cousins/BFFs playing trucks together.


#9 - My oldest... who will be 13 in 21 days.  I die.

#8 - It's so hard to get all five looking and happy!


#7 - Four oldest.

#6 - Those eyes.  It's the reflection of the sun/grass in those blue, blue eyes that I love.


#5 - Oh it's ON!!


#4 - I made her a hat, and she wanted a picture.  :)


#3 - I swear this girl lived on the trampoline this summer!!  And the face still kills me.  XD


#2 - Tired dirty baby feet.  ♥


#1 - I still love this one so much.  It's my favourite of the year, I think.


Well, there's my top 11.  I wish I could have picked a top 24.  ;)

Naptime Momtog



  1. These are all great photos of your beautiful family. Love the last on especially.

  2. And I still love your #1. That is my fav of everything you've shared here this year too. I hope you framed that one on the wall big!

  3. I love the "tree on the ground" picture. What a unique setup for your kids! I also love the last one with your little girl being held by her big brother. Sooo sweet!

  4. Agh! I can not pick a favorite. I seriously love every single one. The chess match one is so funny! So glad you linked up with us.

  5. Great top 11! I love the last 3 but all are special in their own way. What beautiful kids :)

    Here is my submission:

  6. These are awesome but those last 2 really steal the show!

  7. I love these pictures. They're super awesome.

    Do a "Top 24" for yourself! And for me. :P

  8. LOVE your number 8!! (and all your blondies!)

  9. You know I absolutely love the expressions you capture every quarter. So awesome. I have always loved #10, then last quarter #2 was added to the bunch and now how do I choose more. They all have so much life and love, but #5 and #3.....I JUST LOVE THEM!!!

    I am sharing on FB again

  10. i love the first one! and the way you edited it. it looks like a beautiful postcard. and the dirty feet is just so great. love that you picked that in your top 11. and the last one, well it's just the best. captures so many emotions just by looking at it. beautiful!
    thanks for the kind words on my post too! :)

  11. Thanks so much for the comments on my blog...I am flattered. I love link ups...I always find at least one more blog to add to my google reader. Your about me page got me...want to be fluent in french! Me too! :)

  12. THese are fantastic!! Great shots of your adorable kiddos! They really do have the best expressions!

  13. These are wonderful images of your kiddos! That one of the two cousins playing with trucks is wonderful! Love the angle!! I still remember the one of your sweet girl jumping on the trampoline! Definitely a favorite! Thanks for linking up with us!

  14. Love the kids playing truck and the tired kids with dirty feet.. too cute. Happy New Year


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