Thursday 24 November 2011

Just because...

My kids wanted me to burn them a Christmas cd... and I love this song.  :D

Makes the rocker chick hiding inside me very happy.  ;)

P.S.  There's still time to enter my giveaway!


  1. I watched it all the way to the end, thinking the upper right window might be particularly fascinating. What were they doing in there?

  2. sweeeeeeeet! this is the TSO version? Where is this house? There was one in Thornhill, and one in Georgetown (brothers), but I think they stopped doing it :0(

  3. AH ha, just realized TSO meant Trans Siberian Orchestra...NOT TOronto Symphony Orchestra. Guessing you're not in Ontario :D

  4. Your new Header is so cute!

  5. Can't hear the song, 'cause I'm a loser and have no sound card. BUT. I LOVE your knew header. Adorable.


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