Tuesday 1 November 2011

It's here!!

It came today.  :)

It's been on my camera for a few minutes... and I already know that it's not ever coming off.  Ever. 

What is it?


I ordered this Oct. 17.  And it arrived here, in Canada, today.  I'm so happy!

It's so comfortable.

There's a pocket to store my lens cap.  Which is awesome, because I'm currently missing the cap from my 50mm lens... I'm forever setting them "somewhere safe" and then I never find them again.  Now, the safe place is attached to my camera!  :D

It's so comfortable.  Normally, my camera gets heavy on my neck, and is annoying.  I barely feel it now.  The chenille backing is so soft.

I'd take a million pictures of it, but Gina already has.  :) 

Have I mentioned that it's comfortable?

Seriously, if you are in the market for a comfortable, well-made, super-cute strap, head over to Stylish Beach Bum and check out the selection!

You won't be disappointed.

P.S.  It's so comfortable!  :D

Gina didn't ask me to do this review... but I couldn't help myself.  I love my strap!  :D  And supporting a fellow homeschooling mommy is just icing on the cake.  :)


  1. YAY for straps that are comfy. I bet it's soft. (Hurrah for homeschooling mommies too. ;)

  2. OK first LOVE the new blog look! AND... I might seriously have to consider getting a camera strap too. Jill mentioned it on her blog a couple weeks ago, and yours is so beautiuful too! LOVE the colors! AND... I have to write you something funny...but I'll do it by email, hang on... ♥♥


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