Saturday 29 October 2011

Project 365 - Week 43

Ummm... did you know that we are in the 300's?  Yep.  Today is Day 302 of the year.

Only 63 days left of 2011!

And now that we have that shocking fact out of the way, on to my round-up.


295:  This is what happens when your hair is in your eyes, and your mommy has clippers.  ;)

296:  She loved the hat I made for her cousin, and wanted one for herself.

297:  Looking up one of our huge trees.

298:  She never comes into the kitchen... except when she smells chicken.  ;)

299:  Licking dishes is in her genetic code.  ;)  Can't waste a drop.

300:  Daddy popped home to grab a wrench in the dump truck.

301:  Sisters in the bathroom mirror.

That's how it's been around the creek this week.  Visit more 365 projects at Sarah's.



  1. WOW- Adeena- you did a great job on that hat- it's beautiful!

  2. Great shots. You captured really sweet smiles.

  3. Such gorgeous shots this week. Love that hat, the tree and the cat.


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