Tuesday 4 October 2011

Shoot and Edit - Week 39

The theme for Shoot and Edit this week is orange.

Here's the two pics that fit!

First, we have a Fuzzy Wuzzy.  No, really.  That's what they're called.  :D

Orange sooc - Fuzzy Wuzzy

And, I have a picture of an old train tracks snow plow.  It has sat here for as long as I can remember... and just took a picture of it on a whim.  It happens to be orange.  ;)

Orange sooc - Train snowplow

I'm gone camping for this last week of the camping season - we're actually in for a week of beautiful sunshine, and we're going to take advantage of it.  We have a beautiful new trailer to use, after all.  ;)  See you all when I get back!

Check out more orange shots at Jill's.



  1. That little caterpiller or whatever is really cool.

  2. Ha! I was going to tell you we call them woolly bears, but decided to check out your link first. Love it when I'm right! But I think technically they're also fuzzy wuzzy's too. ;)


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