Friday 30 September 2011

Quarterly Top 5

It’s time to pick my top 5 photos from July, August and September. 

Here we go…

No favourites from July?  Oh well.


When you ask her what her name is, she says “Hannah baby”. 


It’s his eyes… and the fact when I was outside trying to get a good picture of Ethan, he said “Take a picture of me, mommy.  I do a better job.” 


Had to pick this one…



Strong man on a pony. 


And… I almost picked the picture of my two babies walking together in the parking lot.. but I love the joy on Becky’s face in this one.    Practicing a Russian jump for dance. 


So those are my Top 5 pics for this quarter!  (Did you guess which ones I was going to choose, Kate?  )
Check out more at Sarah’s.

P.S. There's still a little more time to pick your favourite at i♥faces! My photo is #121. I'd be thrilled if you'd vote for me.


  1. Well, honestly I enjoyed them all, but the third one is by far my favorite. That is a priceless moment captured.

  2. My favourite's the dirty feeties too... although Becky's face kills me. I can hear the giggle.

  3. Goodness!!! The light in your kiddos eyes is GORGEOUS! And Hannah baby?! HA HA! My baby's name is Wivia and she's 7. {ahem}

    BEAUTIFUL them all! My hip hurts just THINKING about Becky's jumpy thing. Yeouch!! I think I aged out of that move several years ago. Sigh.

    Happy Weekend to ya friend!!! XO

  4. Oh wow!! These are all wonderful. I love the first, second, third wait I love them all. Great captures. The pony shot is hilarious. Thanks so much for linking up with us. I featured you on my facebook page.

  5. So beautiful!! The first one is so great! What an expression!! I love that your son wants to be in a photo! And that last one is just pure joy!! Thanks for linking up!


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